Reduce your meat and dairy consumption to save the future

The ecological crisis is here, we live in it. And it’s getting worse day by day in spite of the big climate conferences and summits. It seems that these politicians and other leaders are too attached to their old ideas, positions, money and power to see the obvious facts. Or if they see it they are just not able to act accordingly. Greta very strongly expressed this to them at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York. The question arises what is it that one can do in this situation? There are many things (see below). But, according to a paper, titled Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers by J. Poore and T. Nemecek published in Science, the most effective way to decrease our environmental impact, to save the future for the next generations, is to reduce or, if possible, terminate our meat and dairy consumption.

Even if we don’t stop eating meat and/or dairy products completely, if we only reduce it by 50%, it will still have a huge benefit. Of course, it is better to stop eating them, or at least meat and the products of the dairy industry. If one only reduces her consumption, it is also important, that she should buy what she eats from local farmers. If we don’t eat meat, but we eat dairy products, then – according to my belief – we should buy them from local farmers who don’t kill the animals and who don’t send them to slaughterhouses.

The most important method, still not accepted

The conclusions of the above mentioned paper are well supported scientifically. It’s not really a question if these conclusions are true or not. Anybody can read all the details in the paper and draw the same conclusions. The problem is that many politicians and even scientists don’t want to accept and talk about the fact that if we changed our diet, it would make the biggest difference.

Of course, there are many other things what we can do and they are also important. We can reduce the amount of our waste, collect it selectively, we can compost our organic waste, we can produce our own food or buy it from local farmers, we can walk or use bicycles or public transport instead of cars, we can reduce our water and energy consumption in our homes etc. These are all important things and we should do them. However reducing our meat and dairy consumption has a much greater impact. So this is the most important method of decreasing our impact on the environment. If we don’t do anything else, we should do this. If we want to start somewhere, we should start here. Poore and Nemecek prove this in their paper. Still, many politicians and even scientists don’t accept it.

It can be understood that this is not so easy. It can be very difficult to change our old habits. However, the fact is still a fact and if something has to change, it should, even if it’s difficult. The situation will be much more difficult in the near future if we don’t change.

The shortcut to change our old ways of thinking and habits

The shortcut, the most effective way to change our difficult-to-change old habits and ways of thinking is autosuggestion or meditation. By meditation we can reprogram our minds and start to think and behave in a more beneficial way. If you are interested, you can read more about meditation at my other blog.

To show the important role that meditation could play in sustainability, I mention another necessary change we should make somehow. That is to create and revive real human communities. This is also a difficult task, because it is very far from us to live in communities. For this we should develop such qualities as selflessness, tolerance, truthfulness etc. But meditation could help in this regard too. By it we could make the necessary changes in our minds and in our behavior in a relatively short period of time.